Electronic commerce

A virtual store, electronic store or an online store - all are one and the same - an internet site that gives surfers the chance to buy products immediately just by ordering from the site, making payment through the site and having the product shipped to the purchaser. A one-stop-shop!
Purchasing products through commercial sites and virtual stores has become very common over the past few years. Many customers have no problem skipping the visit to a mall or a regular store and even prefer purchasing products and services on-line over the internet.
The big advantages of electronic commerce are its convenience, availability of products, and the time saved. These advantages of buying products in front of your computer screen outweigh the need to touch and feel the product you are buying. It’s much easier to press a button and have the product delivered directly to your doorstep in just a few days.

Do you want to set up a virtual store? Check out your options!

Today, virtual trading is a hit and many business' are tempted to go down this road and set up a web based electronic commerce site. With that said, just before you jump in and open up a virtual store, it’s vital to find out if a virtual store is a concept that suits you and the product that you want to sell.
There are a number important factors that you must examine when looking into the idea of an on-line store:
1.Is the product you want to sell suitable for sale over the internet? The surfer can see the product, but cannot actually touch or feel it. There are products that consumers may not want to purchase on line without being able to physically examine them.
2.How large is the product and how much does it weigh? Is it fragile? Remember the product will be sent to the buyer’s home by courier service; size, weight and packaging can add to the cost.
3.Lastly, but most importantly, as with any product you want to sell, you must be sure that there is a demand for the product you want to market.

Check out other companies, which technologies they use, and if they have solutions for all users' needs. Will your virtual store really sell products online or will it sit on the web with millions of other empty websites.
In order to properly build a virtual store it is important to be knowledgeable in the internet and be proficient in its daily functions, even in the smallest details such as a shopping cart which updates “live” or the design of a “click to purchase” button. For this we offer our feedback and expertise.


Open Source Virtual Stores:

CPO develops virtual stores in the open source content management system Drupal. Open source is known throughout the world as a system/program where the code (the code with which the program is written) is open for everyone to see and update. This system is centered around the power of the developer community who continually updates the code and improves it from day to day (in the case of big communities such as Drupal). As a result, when you build a virtual store in Drupal you are building it with a platform that hunderds of thousands have built and update daily. It is also important to note that Drupal has won the award for best content management system of the year.

We at CPO along with Drupal provide an all inclusive solution for every client's needs, whether it be a small virtual store or a large Ecommerce platform. All of our Ecommerce solutions are optimized for popular search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing. When building a virtual store we think every detail through: a design that encourages sales, clean code, advanced statistics for administrators, clean URLs for optimizing traffic, a simple and intuitive user interface increasing sales, and more. Our virtual stores work, sell, and give an incredible user experience for clients and administrators alike.


A successful online store

A successful virtual store must incorporate elements that together turn a regular virtual store into a successful virtual store on the web. At CPO we think of optimizing and marketing these virtual stores through social networks and the leading search engines such as Google, Yahoo, etc. Virtual stores must be built in clean code and be very flexible such as the ability to update new categories and items, static and dynamic content, and new item descriptions. In order for a virtual store to succeed we must think of the winning elements it needs such as a secure checkout page and a promising home page to impress the buyer. Creating a virtual store doesn't take a day or two, but it is a long process of optimizing for search engines and promoting in social networks leading to a high ranking virtual store.
At CPO when we build a virtual store we think through all the important elements, so for the client the work become easier and easier. The only work left is to bring traffic to the site, a process thats a lot easier on an optimized site using the Drupal CMS.

The virtual store is a product with immense power on the internet when it succeeds. In order to get to that point, we at CPO must work right and let the many changes in today's search engines effect how we work. We track these changes and the changes in Drupals promotion capabilities so that your virtual store will be updated and properly optimized for the popular search engines and your target audience. This greatly reduces the amount of work you as the client, or your promoters, must preform on your site. This ultimately, in most cases, saves you money if you plan on promoting your virtual store.

Virtual Store plain and simple:

A simple virtual store is a low cost product at CPO because we specialize in building them, and can develop the site quickly. This does not mean that every virtual store is cheap, the price is determined by many factors some of which are not directly connected to the sale such as the stores design or the technical specifications. At CPO we recommend you, the client, come prepared with as much information as possible. Virtual stores aren't sold off the shelf every site we develop is tailored specifically for your needs, as a result the prices vary from client to client depending on specific elements in your store.

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Checked? Convinced? We’ll build your electronic store.

If you’re sure that your product is suitable for sale over the internet, all that’s left is to build a good commercial site that will provide you with the best platform to present your product in the best way possible.
We trust you to decide if your product is right for the internet - all we ask is that you trust us to build you an electronic store that will fit your product and your potential market perfectly.